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Category: Estate Planning

Do Estate Planning Terms Confuse You?

What’s the difference between a Will, a Trust, and a Living Trust? Here’s a simple explanation that will remove any confusion forever.

  • Published: February 15, 1999
  • By Bardin Levavy

Be Careful About Moving Your IRA Money

Making a mistake when you move your IRA (Individual Retirement Account) from one place to another can be very, very, very costly. Here’s a description of the two basic ways to make a move and a recommendation about which one to use.

Keep Those Crummey Notices Coming

There’s a neat trick to turn an otherwise ineligible gift into one that is eligible for the annual gift tax exclusions. It’s called a “Crummey Power,” but failing to follow through with the administrative details can be an expensive mistake. Here are a few pointers about the technique and some rules for staying out of trouble.

  • Published: June 15, 1998
  • By Bardin Levavy

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