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Office and Industrial Leasing

Single tenant or multi-tenant lease; multi-floor, whole floor or partial floor; owner or tenant—let our experienced team of leasing attorneys make the lease work for you. We’ve done 300 square foot offices and 300,000 square foot offices. We’ve done ground leases, prime leases, and subleases—gross leases through absolute net leases for high-rise office buildings; free-standing buildings; condominiums; cooperatives; and office, industrial, and research parks. We know the difference between what it takes to negotiate a lease for temporary space and one for 99 years. We’ve dealt with expansion rights, rights of first refusal and rights of first offer, relocation clauses, and all the rest. If it’s for a sales office or a manufacturing facility, we’ve seen it and Gotten the Deal Done for our landlord and tenant clients alike.

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