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Employment Agreements

Whether you are hiring a scientist, manager or member of your senior management team, you’re going to look for an employment agreement. And, while there are similarities between those agreements and others, we know that there are significant differences and how to deal with those differences. More importantly, we know that your needs and objectives aren’t the same as those of our last client or our next client. That’s why we first work with you to understand your business and what you need now and down the road. Only then can we give you the kind of legal advice and the employment agreement you need. Our experience and education in the area informs us about a variety of approaches to compensation, benefits, bonuses, setting responsibilities, protecting confidentiality, protecting against compensation, and all of the kinds of provisions that you may need for your business and its future success. Whether you look to us for just an employment agreement or for our general business law counseling services, you’ll appreciate our individualized, responsive approach.

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