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Ruminations Blog – a Smashing Success

Published: October 17, 2011

Meislik & Meislik’s recently launched Ruminationsa Retail Real Estate Law Blog has become a smashing success. Since its launch on June 28, less than four months ago, it has been the site of 30 postings and has garnered several hundred comments. Subscriptions (free) arrive every day.

Thus far, it has covered a wide range of topics. While focused on retail real estate issues, many topics are equally applicable to other real estate areas, and are always interesting. Ruminations has tackled such topics as exclusive use clauses, CAM and operating expenses, approaches to negotiation, the duty of a landlord to maintain its property, insurance, renewal options, the Texas margin tax, measuring floor area, Section 1031 exchanges, and many, many more.

Through LinkedIn, the blog has enjoyed international exposure, garnering comments from India, England, Pakistan, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. Comments pour in from throughout the United States, coming from property managers, tenant and landlord representatives, attorneys, brokers, and others. Many of the blog entries have sparked heated debates among the readers.

Currently scheduled to post at least one topic each week, future Ruminations entries can be expected to touch on loss payee status under insurance policies, notice issues, negotiation by e-mail, the intentional use of ambiguity, tenant allowance issues, misnamed parties, and many similar and intriguing issues.

Current and past postings can be found at, where readers can also subscribe to receive email notice of new postings.

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