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New Leasing Form Book Edited by Ira Meislik

Published: September 9, 2004

The American Bar Association has just published The Commercial Lease Formbook: Expert Tools for Drafting and Negotiation. Ira Meislik is a contributor and its CD-ROM editor. This book is chock full of lease forms annotated with very, very helpful negotiation and drafting commentaries, many of which were written by Ira Meislik. The CD-ROM is included and contains all of the forms and commentaries. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this e-mail address) and we’ll send you for a special order form that includes a discount not otherwise available.

The Commercial Lease Formbook is an authoritative resource for all aspects of negotiating and drafting effective commercial property leases. Developed by practitioner members of the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Commercial Leasing Committee, this invaluable formbook and the accompanying CD-ROM provide a unique and comprehensive tool for evaluating the terms of a lease form and determining whether a transaction is within the norms. This formbook offers an array of state-of-the-art lease forms that you can use to tailor for a particular transaction.

There are ten leases in the book and on the included CD-ROM and an additional nine leases contained only on the CD-ROM, providing you with a library of over 700 pages of expert forms and commentary. The forms are provided in an easily read PDF format with included commentary and in Microsoft Word® without commentary ready to be customized to your needs. Use the standard “find” feature to search for particular phrases in a form lease.

Each lease form is preceded by a brief introduction, describing the lease type, whether it has a landlord or tenant orientation, and the general circumstances in which the lease will be of the greatest value. The following leases and expert commentary is woven into the text of the form to clarify and explain why each provision is important from the landlord’s and/or the tenant’s perspective. In many instances, the commentary provides alternative lease terms to accommodate the opposite party to which the lease is oriented. The foreword notes areas to consider and ways to work with your client when modifying forms to fit the specific deal at hand.

The sample lease forms in this book include:

Office Leases
  • Office Lease with Modifications
  • Basic Office Lease
  • Tenant-Oriented Form Lease
  • Landlord-Oriented “Killer” Lease
Retail Leases
  • Shopping Center Lease
  • Shopping Center-Major Tenant Lease
  • Small Pad Ground Lease
  • Regional Shopping Center Lease
  • Tenant Retail Lease Form
Industrial and Warehouse Leases
  • Industrial Building Lease with Alternative Tenant Provisions
  • Warehouse Lease
  • Basic Industrial Building Lease
  • Ground Lease
Specialized Leases
  • Shared Communications Facility Lease
  • Option, Land Lease Agreement, and Deed of Lease (Telecommunications Tower)
  • Residential Care Facility
  • Dry Storage/Dock Slip Rental Agreement
  • Billboard/Sign Lease Agreement
  • Storage Space Lease

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