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Ira Meislik Presents On The Interplay Between Indemnification And Insurance

Published: April 15, 2012

At a joint meeting of the Insurance Law and Business Law Sections of the New Jersey State Bar Association, Ira Meislik, a principal at the Montclair, New Jersey law firm of Meislik & Meislik, explored a range of insurance issues of particular relevance to indemnification provisions found in most contracts. In his presentation, he covered the mysteries of contractual liability coverage and its overlap with additional insured status as well as related topics. Ira Meislik was joined by two other panelists who explored the topic from a contract drafting perspective and a litigation perspective. Consequently, the attendees, otherwise well versed in the topic, were treated with an in depth treatment of this common, but critical area. The program, which took place at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey on March 20, 2012, was presented to a packed room of New Jersey lawyers whose practices require them to face these issues on a daily basis.

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