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Ira Meislik is Contributor to Just Published Model Operating Agreement

Published: May 6, 2008

The American Bar Association’s Section of Business Law’s quarterly law journal, The Business Lawyer, has just published (Volume 63, Number 2) a long-awaited Model Real Estate Development Operating Agreement with Commentary. This publication culminates a more than four year project to provide the legal community with a comprehensive model document that explores and examines the issues that arise in the drafting of limited liability company agreements. The published document is replete with commentary explaining and expounding upon nearly every one of its provisions. As such, it gives comprehensive guidance as to current limited liability, tax, and other relevent law and incorporates a myriad of drafting and crafting tips. Briefly speaking, it is framed around a complex, multi-use real estate development project with three hypothetical investors - a developer, a landowner, and a financial investor. Ira Meislik has participated as a major contributor to this project from the outset and expects that the publication of this Model Operating Agreement will provide a valuable tool to practitioners who are confronted with the need to structure entity documents for complex development projects.

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