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New Blog Launched For Retail Real Estate Law

Published: July 10, 2011

On July 5, 2011, Meislik & Meislik launched an entirely new Retail Real Estate Law Blog – “Ruminations.” Unlike many legal entries into the blogosphere, Ruminations is not aimed at reciting dry legal doctrine or rehashing parts of the tremendous body of material already available on the web. Its goal is to provoke an examination and discussion about the basis for the kinds of decisions lawyers and their clients make when structuring retail real estate transactions.

Early entries will deal with CAM Caps, followed by a shot over the bow when it comes to whether tenants should absorb the “Texas Margin Tax.” Participants in the discussion will also see entries on: “What’s in the Stated Rent and How Lenders See it,” “What is a Waiver of Subrogation Anyway?,” and “Self Evident Truths About Exclusive Use Clauses.”

The title, “Ruminations,” is taken from the definition of “to ruminate:”: “to turn a matter over and over in the mind.” For that reason, no one should mistake anything written on the blog as resembling legal advice, even when written by an attorney —not the original blog entries, and not any comments. The blog is intended to be a discussion board for concepts–some flakey, some not–that affect Retail Real Estate Law. All are invited to join that discussion.

Ruminations – a Retail Real Estate Law Blog can be found at: Ruminations - a Retail Real Estate Law Blog

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