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Cruz v. Board of Review

A-3940-03T3 (N. J. Super. App. Div. 2005) (Unpublished)

UNEMPLOYMENT—The embarrassment or frustration that arises out of getting an inadequate raise is not good grounds to quit a job and no employment benefits are to be paid under those circumstances.

A former employee brought a joint suit against his former employer and the unemployment review board, claiming that he was entitled to unemployment benefits after he voluntarily left his job because he was disappointed with a pay raise.

The Court held that a former employee is only entitled to unemployment benefits if he or she leaves a job for good cause due to the work; getting a low pay raise that embarrasses or frustrates him or her is not a good enough reason to quit a job. In this type of situation, an employee would only be entitled to unemployment benefits if the employer had a contractual obligation to provide them. Here, there was no such obligation.

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