Saving Time is the Key to Saving Money on Your Divorce

Divorces are time-consuming, emotionally taxing, and often unnecessarily expensive. However, the following tips may help the amount of time you need to spend on your matter, which, in turn, may cut down on your costs when working with your divorce lawyer.

Ask your lawyer before “helping” her or him

Sometimes, your best intentions turn out to be very bad ideas. For instance, many people try to record their spouse’s telephone conversations with third parties, or they try to hide income. These actions may lead to more work on the attorney’s part and that will increase attorney’s fees. There are many other examples of how people have tried to “help,” while only making the situation worse. The important thing to remember is – always ask your divorce lawyer first.

Keep your cool

Most couples would not even consider a divorce if their relationship were not already a volatile one. The actual legal process of a divorce often exacerbates the situation and sometimes pushes one or the other spouse even closer to the edge of reason. This is when people smash vases, flatten tires, and burn clothes… Not only does the property itself cost you money, but such behavior makes the entire process more time-consuming, and therefore even more expensive. Even something like changing the locks without a court order can add hours of work to your divorce attorney’s schedule and you will pay for that in the long run. Take a deep breath, and remember that you are hurting yourself financially and emotionally by losing your temper.

Collect records and keep track

Find and organize receipts for recent purchases. Avoid spending more than usual. Proving what you have or have not spent can make a big difference in your divorce settlement. Keep track of who picks up your children from school and who attends their events and activities, as this may be useful in custody cases. Every divorce case is different, so be sure to ask your lawyer what records you should create and keep.

Promptly do what your divorce attorney asks

Every time your lawyer has to call and remind you to get those receipts or documents, that’s a little extra addition to your bill. If your lawyer is forced to get the records elsewhere, your bill can grow unnecessarily.

Prepare for telephone calls

Rather than calling your attorney’s office five separate times with five different questions each day, make a list throughout the day and call to ask all of your questions at once. This saves time and money for everyone, and will allow your divorce lawyer to serve you better.

Your divorce attorney is not a therapist

Most people involved in a divorce will have a lot on their minds. In many cases, your divorce lawyer will know more about your situation than even your family and friends know. This may tempt you to discuss the emotional side of your divorce with your attorney. Depending on how much your attorney charges, this might be more expensive than seeing a therapist, who would also be better qualified to assist you emotionally. If you just need to vent, calling family and friends is probably the way to go.

Tell the truth

Your divorce lawyer may ask you some personal or embarrassing questions, or you might be stashing away some money on the side. Regardless of your reasons, it is never wise to lie, hide or manipulate the truth when speaking to your attorney. If something pops up later that should have been known from the start, it could end up costing more than just your pride.

How much will a divorce cost?

Marital dissolution is like removing a piece of tape from your skin; the slower you go, the more painful it gets. When asked how much a divorce will cost, New Jersey divorce attorney, Karen Meislik said, “The answer is up to you. Divorce attorneys work on an hourly basis. If you and your spouse can work out some of your issues and limit the scope of your disagreements, your divorce will be less costly”.

Now that you know how to keep the time and costs to a minimum while getting a divorce, you can concentrate on more important things – like your health and emotional well-being.

This content does not constitute a client-attorney relationship in any way. It is not meant to be used as professional legal advice. If you require advice about divorce proceedings, please contact a divorce attorney.