Owners of Multiple Dwellings Beware! File On-Line Or Incur Penalties

  • Published: February 12, 2009
  • By Mark Morfopoulos

In a significant departure from prior years’ filing requirements, all property owners subject to the Multiple Dwelling Reporting Rule must file annual reports with the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights online at the Division’s website by January 30, 2009 (see www.NJCivilRights.org ). Mailing or faxing the report is no longer an option. If an owner has trouble completing the MDRR annual report online, they can contact the Division for assistance at (609) 984-3138. Penalties for late filing range from $100 (if filed after February 14, 2009) to $500 (if filed after March 31, 2009). In the event an owner has failed to file on or before April 30, 2009, the Director of the Division of Civil Rights will determine the penalty amount. Annual reports must be filed for all owners of a multiple dwelling containing 25 or more units. The annual report provides the Division with information related to rental turnovers as well as racial designation of tenants and applicants, rental recruiting techniques and the size and rental rates of apartments. If an owner has previously filed an MDRR annual report online, its form will be pre-filled with a previous year’s data which must be updated each year. If an owner of such a multiple dwelling unit changes, the new owner must complete an MDRR Change of Status Form. This form should be mailed or faxed. It is interesting to note that there are no instructions or requirements to file the Change of Status Form electronically.