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8 Biggest Mistakes Made by Transactional Attorneys that Prevent Them from “Getting the Deal Done”

Getting the Deal Done take personal negotiating skills. The same mistakes are made over and over and over again, by first year associates, more experienced associates, and even by partners – mistakes that accomplish nothing other than creating a more adversarial relationship and delaying the deal from completion. Here are eight common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Tough New Rules on Employee Credit Reports

Companies that use credit reports to screen potential employees are now subject to new rules. If you don’t heed the warnings in this article, be prepared to pay a big penalty.

Be Careful About Moving Your IRA Money

Making a mistake when you move your IRA (Individual Retirement Account) from one place to another can be very, very, very costly. Here’s a description of the two basic ways to make a move and a recommendation about which one to use.

You Don’t Have to Use the Postal Service to Send Mail to the IRS - But Watch Out!

No longer is use of the postal service required to assure that you are entitled to treat the day of mailing as the day of filing. The IRS has approved certain courier services in a way that deposit of a filing with those carriers may constitute “filing.” Certain cautions, however, still remain.

  • Published: November 15, 1997
  • By Bardin Levavy

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