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Category: Family Law

The Case For The Court To Promulgate A Standing Order With The First Pleading In A Divorce Action

All family law practitioners know that there are certain actions that their clients cannot take without court permission, and if done, their clients will be sanctioned by the court. One problem is that the very act of explaining these ground rules to a client often creates an adversarial relationship between the client and his or her attorney. Given that this discussion with one’s client needs to take place at the first meeting, this isn’t a good way to get started in what needs to be a relationship of trust. Clients want their own attorney to represent them with full vigor, but an attorney also needs to be an agent of reality as well. Many clients perceive that when their lawyer tells them “like it is,” their lawyer is not fully “on their side.” At least with respect to communicating the “ground rules,” there may be a solution.

Can a Victim of Domestic Abuse Get Out of a Lease?

What happens when the victim’s home is no longer a safe place? What happens when the victim is the lessee of an apartment? Should a victim of domestic abuse be allowed to get out of a lease early without penalty? Who should bear the financial burden, the victim or the landlord? These are public policy choices and are increasingly being addressed by the state legislatures.

Dating and Divorce — When are You Safe to Re-Enter the Dating Pool?

When it comes to dating while in the midst of a divorce, the best advice is to wait. Here are a few of the issues that such dating can create.

Saving Time is the Key to Saving Money on Your Divorce

Pointers to keeping your divorce under control - saving time, money, and frustration.

The Basics of Divorce Law — Child Support

Here is a short guide to New Jersey Child Support Law.

Child Custody Disputes in New Jersey

Here is a quick and short guide to New Jersey Child Custody Law.

Alternative Family Arrangements

In the past we had “Leave it to Beaver” households; an intact family with a mother, a father, and children. This is no longer the norm, where “alternative family” arrangements make up many households. Here’s how some arrangements are handled under New Jersey law.

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