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Community Associations: An Overview

A primer on Community Association law. Intended for the general practitioner, this piece covers the basics of condominium, cooperative, and planned unit development living and law. As an overview, it introduces some basic definitions and highlights issues of community living that should assist attorneys in counseling clients already living in common interest developments or contemplating purchase of homes in such projects.

You Don’t Have to Use the Postal Service to Send Mail to the IRS - But Watch Out!

No longer is use of the postal service required to assure that you are entitled to treat the day of mailing as the day of filing. The IRS has approved certain courier services in a way that deposit of a filing with those carriers may constitute “filing.” Certain cautions, however, still remain.

What Is this Thing Called Quiet Enjoyment? (In the Context of Commercial Leases)

If it doesn’t amount to eviction or constructive eviction, but its more than a trifling nuisance, what have you got? Explore the boundaries of the covenant of quiet enjoyment as it now stands in the U.S. so that you can help landlords and tenants protect the benefit of their lease bargain.

“Non-Binding” Letters of Intent for Leases May Hide Traps

Here’s some cautionary advice about the trap of thinking that just because a letter of intent says that it is not-binding doesn’t mean that its so.

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