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Dating and Divorce — When are You Safe to Re-Enter the Dating Pool?

When it comes to dating while in the midst of a divorce, the best advice is to wait. Here are a few of the issues that such dating can create.

Saving Time is the Key to Saving Money on Your Divorce

Pointers to keeping your divorce under control - saving time, money, and frustration.

The Basics of Divorce Law — Child Support

Here is a short guide to New Jersey Child Support Law.

Child Custody Disputes in New Jersey

Here is a quick and short guide to New Jersey Child Custody Law.

As a Landlord to the State of New Jersey, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

Landlords must always be aware of the limitations of New Jersey’s Contractual Liability Act when entering into rental agreements with the state. This Act significantly limits the time period in which a landlord may file a breach of contract claim against a state tenant.

Be Careful When Entering Into a New Lease With an Old Tenant

A new lease with the same tenant can serve to replace the old lease in some very surprising ways. Consider using an amended and restated lease instead.

Illegal Apartment Owners Beware!

The potential loss associated with renting illegal apartments may be far more then the gain.

A Short Diatribe on Granting and Crafting Exclusive Use Rights Provisions in Leases (with Samples)

Every exclusive use right granted to a tenant impairs the landlord’s ability to lease other space. But, sometimes the deal can’t be made without one. Here is an exploration of some of the issues involved in defining the exclusive use, limiting its effect, and what happens if it is violated.

To Recognize or Not to Recognize - That is the Question: Sublease Recognition Agreements

A subtenant is in a precarious situation. If its sublandord’s lease is terminated, even for a reason having nothing to do with the subtenant’s behavior, the subtenant can find itself out on the street, without a home. That makes it hard to be a subtenant and hard to be a sublandlord. That’s what recognition agreements are all about.

Alternative Family Arrangements

In the past we had “Leave it to Beaver” households; an intact family with a mother, a father, and children. This is no longer the norm, where “alternative family” arrangements make up many households. Here’s how some arrangements are handled under New Jersey law.

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